Promotion through 12/25/2018

Happy Holidays!  From Black Friday through December 25, buy two CDs and we’ll pay the shipping on the 2nd CD.  In fact, whether you buy 2 or 20 CDs, you only pay shipping on one CD!

If you would like to listen for free, please go to the link provided and use the Website Audio Player. Enjoy!

The One Website:

Listen to More for Free!

You can hear a full 3 minutes of each song for free! (iTunes only plays song samples for 1.5 minutes.) You can really get a better feel for our songs. Check it out on our media player and please tell a friend! Thanks! : )

Longer Song Samples

It is standard practice that music samples start some place near the beginning of the song and play for about one minute. This is typical for sites like iTunes. I was listening to some song samples the other day and discovered I did not like this practice. Song intros exist and should set the listener up for what is to follow. Otherwise, it is very abrupt and disorienting. Consequently, I recently edited our song samples to start at the very beginning of the song and then play a good 3 minutes! I would say this is an improvement over the standard practice.

Have you heard our songs from the beginning? You can listen for free on the following sites:

1. Facebook - the "Offical Store" page
(Note: This link only works from your computer – not your

2. The One Website - Media Player

Nimbit (Computer):
Nimbit (Mobile):

I was able to edit the song sample start times and lengths on the above three links. Sorry, I am not able to edit our songs on iTunes. If you have an iTunes account, you could still listen to our songs from any of the sites listed above (to hear more of each song), and then jump over our site on iTunes:…

Happy listening! Cheers!

Facebook Solution

FACT: Did you know Facebook does not allow third-party sponsored pages to be viewed from their mobile Facebook app? It's true. This means that everyone that "lives" on their mobile phones (and almost everyone does!) can't see our Facebook Website in its entirety. Virtually everyone is missing out on the coolest part of our site! I was rather disappointed when I found this out. You can, however, see the entire site from your computer. I just wanted to let everyone know and help to clear up this confusing issue.

PROBLEM: As I mentioned, before, you cannot access the coolest part of our site from your mobile phone (Facebook does not allow it). The coolest part of our Facebook site is our "Official Store". Of course, you can always view it from your computer (only) by clicking the following link:

SOLUTION: Here's how you can view our "Official Store" from your mobile phone, right now! Click on our Nimbit mobile link:

Now, from your mobile phone, you can listen to 3-minute samples of our songs FOR FREE and buy our digital music! You have a choice of downloading the wav or mp3 album, as well as individual songs! Check it out and please tell all your friends! 

I'll leave this post up on this site for new visitors, as well, as it clears up confusion regarding our Facebook site. Thanks!

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