Promotional and Informatonal

New, Improved Website! 

Since January 2020, my website has been hosted by Bandzoogle.  My Website looks much more professional and has more features.  Currently, when you purchase a CD from the website, you also get to download the digital album and artwork for free!  Pretty cool!

Listen to More for Free! 

You can hear a full length of each song for free! (iTunes only plays song samples for 1.5 minutes).  You can really get a better feel for our songs. Check it out on our media player and please tell a friend! Thanks!

It is standard practice that music samples start some place near the beginning of the song and play for about one minute. This is typical for sites like iTunes. I was listening to some song samples the other day and discovered I did not like this practice. Song intros exist to set the listener up for what is to follow. Also, it is very abrupt and disorienting. Consequently, our song samples play in their entirety.  

Listen now!  

iTunes won't allow editing the song length.  If you have an iTunes account, and if you prefer, you can listen to a portion of our songs on iTunes:…  

Happy listening! Cheers!