Song: It's All Right

It’s All Right is a song about the passing of my beloved mother, Jewel Whitworth.  I originally wrote the lyrics from a male perspective (When I was just a boy, etc.).  However, when I played the song for Roberta, she liked it and wanted to record it, so naturally, I created a version for her to sing.  I wrote the lyrics to the first half of the song while my mother was alive, albeit very ill.  My mother passed away on Friday night, April 25, 1997 at 11:00 PM.  I feel blessed that I was allowed to be alone with her as she took her last breath.  Soon after, I wrote the lyrics to the second half of the song.  This song carries quite a high degree of sentimentality for me.  Roberta does a beautiful job singing this song, and I thank her for bringing this song to life.  When I hear Roberta singing this song so beautifully, it does bring a tear to my eye.

Song: It’s All Right
Words and Music by
© 2007 John Whitworth
Originally Written in April-1997
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth
Roberta's version 

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