Song: In the Mood

In the Mood is a song about longing, desire, and wanting to be cherished and loved.  To the point, it’s about being in the mood to make love.  Perhaps, the mate or husband is feeling stressed about life or work.  He shuts down, sits and quietly reads the newspaper sports section, almost, as if to intentionally ignore her.  Realizing his distraction and being out of sorts, she takes matters into her own hands and tries to seduce him, appealing to his interests, and employing flirtation with the utmost sincerity.  After all, all she wants is some good old fashioned lovin’.  I have a feeling she is successful.  Roberta’s vocals are very convincing.

Song: In the Mood
Words and Music by
© 2013 Roberta Brinkman
Originally Written in February-2000
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth

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