Song: My Everything

My Everything is the most romantic song on the album.  It is a song about finding and celebrating your soulmate.  Words become inadequate and can’t come close to conveying the depth and feelings of true love.  Love holds the promise and desire to give the best of oneself to each other.  Love for your soulmate expands to seeing this love in everything, the colors of the sunset, the shooting star, the eternal flame that lights every fiber or your being.  However, all these words ultimately fail.  Only when they finally stand before God and God attests that you loved her the most, does she truly know with ultimate certainty. 

Roberta’s dynamic and expressive vocal brings home the romantic nature of these lyrics.  As a producer, I enjoyed stepping outside the box and employing some East Indian instruments, percussion and a violin section.  However, much of the song retains its rock feel.

Song: My Everything
Words and Music by
© 2007 John Whitworth
Originally Written in May-2004
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth

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