Song: Say You Love Me

Say You Love Me is about a beautiful woman who realizes she is truly in love with a former lover, of which she had broken up with some time ago.  True a good TV soap opera, while being on a music tour in Rome, she gets word that her former lover is getting married in June.  With the marriage ceremony so imminent, she leaves the tour, and hops on a plane for home.  She is hoping to arrive just in time to crash the wedding and convince him that it’s her that he truly loves, and that they should be together.  She pleads with him not to get married to someone else, and promises to make up for lost time.  On the flight she rehearses all these conversations they will have.  The plane finally lands and she hears the captain’s announcement over the intercom, “You are now free to move about the country.”  She realizes in that moment that it’s now or never, and it’s time to take action!  (We now pause for a message from our sponsor.)  Roberta’s vocals convey the emotion and sincerity of this appeal to the former lover.  If it were me, I’d probably call off the wedding.  Just sayin’.

Song: Say You Love Me 
Words and Music by  
© 2013 Roberta Brinkman and John Whitworth  
Originally Written in November-2011  
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth 

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