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John Whitworth, born in Berkeley, California was raised and currently resides in Kensington, California, which is in the East Bay Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I am a guitar player, singer/songwriter.  I remember it all started in the 3rd grade when I was walking to school one day and decided I was going to be a musician.  Rapidly moving through the trumpet as my first instrument, in the sixth grade, my mother, Jewel, bought me my first acoustic guitar and signed me up for group guitar lessons.  The household I grew up in had a piano, so, I learned a few simple chords and had my fun making up tunes up on the piano, though my main instrument has always been the guitar. 


I played in my first band when I was 14 years old.  At the age of 17, I wrote my first song and later went on to take music theory in junior college, in my 20s.  It was also in my mid-20s that I decided to become a professional musician.  Through the years, I had been in and out of various bands and finally achieved my goal of becoming a full-time, professional musician with my most notable stage experience gained from six years traveling and performing with a club band.  We played venues in California from San Diego to Redding, in Oregon, Idaho, New Mexico and Alaska. 


My first experience of combining writing, arranging and recording came in the late ‘80s when I set-up my first, modest home music studio.  In 2002, aided by music software and a computer, I launched into my love for writing, arranging, recording, engineering and producing my music.  These experiences nicely rounded out my skill set and resulted in producing eight songs.  These eight songs were completed before teaming up with Roberta. 


John met Roberta Brinkman on October 25, 2002.  Soon afterwards, John and Roberta started playing with his longtime musician friends.  The One began their first band rehearsals in February 2003.  By the spring of 2004, John and Roberta recorded their first song, “Remember”.  This was followed by “My Everything”, recorded in late summer.  The One performed their songs for the first time on July 31, 2004 in Nevada City, CA and performed later in 2007 and 2008. 


Mostly, John and Roberta have concentrated on song writing and recording.  The One released their first 12-song CD album, The One-Foreverland, on March 25, 2014.  This first album features Roberta on vocals.  By fall of 2014, The One music can be purchased on Facebook, and iTunes. 


Our passion for music, matched with our talent and desire to create beautiful music has been the inspiration behind all we have accomplished.  As a singing and songwriting team, John Whitworth and Roberta Brinkman have produced fun, poetic, emotionally introspective, charming songs.  You are cordially invited to enjoy the sounds of The One. 



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