1. Hero

From the recording Foreverland

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Words and Music by
© 2013 Roberta Brinkman & John Whitworth
Originally Written in September-2009
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth



(V1) Yeah, you would be king
if you were my hero
and you saved me from the pain,
all the guilt, despair and pain
in my soul.

(V2) Oh, come as you are,
oh, come if you dare.
Come right now and set me free,
come by land, the air, or sea,
I don’t care!

(BR1) I don’t love him anymore,
but I just can’t walk out that door.
So, please, please, please,
will you, won’t you be?

(CH) Be my hero,
be my hero,
be my hero!

(V3) Oh, come take my hand
and draw me near.
Come and take me in your arms
and protect me from the harm
that I fear!

(V4) I’ll gather my strength,
gather my courage
when you break through all the chains
and you wash away the stains
from my heart!

(BR2) All these years I’ve known what’s right,
but I’m too scared to leave, tonight!
So, please, please, please,
come and rescue me!

(CH) Be my hero,
be my hero,
be my hero!

(CH) Be my hero,
be my hero,
be my hero!

(Tag) Hero, hero!

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