1. Foreverland

From the recording Foreverland

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Words and Music by
© 2013 Roberta Brinkman & John Whitworth
Originally Written in July-2009
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth


(V1) Oh, I set sail so long ago,
searching for happiness and my pot of gold.
Oh, dreams inspired me from my youth,
I woke up chasing what's the truth. 
In life, there are so many books on the shelf.
Which one will lead me to you,
to sail me through the mist
and into the blue?
(V2) All alone in stormy seas,
the crash of the ocean waves cover me. 
Oh, calling out in my dream,
there must be angles watching over me,
tonight, guarding my sinking treasures,
knowing who holds the key
to all of my dream’s secret pleasures,
it’s inside of me.
(CH) I’m sailing, now, right through the clouds,
out into space to Foreverland. 
Our hearts fly and slide on a moonbeam,
where each kiss is born on a star.
(BR) Born on, on a star,
on a star, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Born on a star we will fly to Foreverland,
(V3) Far from home, lost at sea,
the light from the lighthouse calls to me.
Oh, how did I get here,
so blown off course, I don't recognize the world that I'm in.
You pulled me out of the wreckage,
out of the deep blue sea,
you patched my sails and set me free,
Oh, you set me free!
(CH) (Repeat Double Chorus).
(Tag) On a star, on a star,
oh, I’m on the tail of a shooting star.
So, come with me to Foreverland!
*   *   *   *   *   *   *