More Than A Friend Album Artwork Concept

The More Than A Friend album cover design concept is a continuation on the Foreverland album theme.  This time, however, I am placing myself inside Foreverland.  You will see similarities in comparison with the Foreverland album artwork.  The sunset, flock of flying birds, distant snow-covered mountains, a shooting star, and a pyramid with the beam of light, an old wooden ship, and swimming dolphins are familiar images.  A chest of gold, a lantern, as well as four scarabs has been added.  Foreverland is a magical, mystical dimension where the full human potential is realized.  As you spend more and more time in Foreverland, your soul emerges and is slowly empowered with gifts and abilities.  These abilities include telepathy, externalizing your soul from your physical body, and being able to travel through time and space.  This soul flight is illustrated on the front cover of the album.  Naturally, being a musician, soul flight includes playing the guitar.

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