Foreverland Album Artwork Concept

Foreverland, the title track, inspired the concept for the album cover design.  Foreverland is a place we all dream of going, where magic happens.  It’s the journey to full-self-awareness.  Foreverland is inside of us all.  We just need to go in search for it. 

The album design concept could easily be made into a romantic fantasy, science-fiction movie:  Foreverland is a magical, mystical place from another dimension that has punched a hole in our physical universe.  The cosmic portal to Foreverland is now open, where anyone can enter.  You don’t need faith, or to be forgiven to enter Foreverland, only your earnest desire to go there.  Though similar to earth, the laws that govern Foreverland are more metaphysical in nature.  Foreverland is where the full human potential is realized.  Technology is relied upon less, and as you spend more and more time in Foreverland, your soul emerges and slowly is empowered with gifts and abilities.  These abilities include telepathy, externalizing your soul from your physical body and being able to travel through time and space.  You sail through the clouds, your heart flies and slides on a moonbeam, and it’s where each kiss in born on a star.

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