Song: Foreverland

Foreverland, the title track, is the theme song for the album.  This song is about the ups and downs of life and learning that everything you need to be happy is inside you.  We need to renew this journey as we evolve through our lifetime.  This song captures the struggle and search for truth, love, happiness, and reaching for one’s dreams.  Although feeling lost and shipwrecked, at times, with perseverance and the “angels watching over me”, she rises above and finds her way to Foreverland.  Foreverland is a magical, mystical place where we sail through the clouds, our hearts fly and slide on a moonbeam, and where each kiss is born on a star.  Roberta’s vocals are exciting and enticing, inviting you join her in this journey.

Song: Foreverland
Words and Music by
© 2014 Roberta Brinkman & John Whitworth
Originally Written in July-2009
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth

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