Song: A Boy Like You

A Boy Like You is a song about a high school girl that is terribly infatuated and in love with a boy at her school.  He is indeed handsome, smart, and athletic.  He’s got it all and all the girls at school want him.  Unfortunately, despite the many dates they have gone on, he is not reciprocal in his feelings toward her and is somewhat narcissistic.  He flirts with her on and off and finally all is revealed at the high school dance.  The girl is completely in love with him, and even after she realizes he doesn’t really care for her in the same way, she still can’t walk away.  She can’t fathom why he does the inconsiderate things he does, when she is so sure of her feelings that tell her they should be together.  As she states in the refrain, “I’m just a girl that’s dealing with the feelings for a boy like you!”  Roberta is very believable in her deliverance of the song; it may cause you to recall a similar experience.

Song: A Boy Like You
Words and Music by
© 2013 John Whitworth
Originally Written in November-2010
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth
Written for Roberta Brinkman

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