Song: Remember

Remember is a song about wanting to be remembered by those you love, or loved.  This could be being remembered by a past lover, who you felt was truly the right one for you.  However, for some reason, it didn’t work out.  Perhaps, you feel that the relationship was never properly resolved.  Although, the relationship ended, you want the memories of being together not to be forgotten, hoping they will be cherished.  

Another scenario could be about an elderly couple that has been married for most their entire adult life.  Perhaps, we see a wife is sitting with her husband, who is on his deathbed.  Wanting him to hang on for a few moments longer, she starts to recount the history of their youth and love, in the hopes that these will be the last, happy thoughts before passing.  This simple, but poetic song is eloquently sung by Roberta, which may bring a tear to your eye.

Song: Remember
Words and Music by
© 2007 Roberta Brinkman
Originally Written in November-2004
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth

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