Song: Hero

Hero is a song about wanting to be saved or rescued, just like in the movies.  This song is about a beautiful woman who feels trapped in a marriage with a husband she no longer loves.  She knows the right thing to do is to leave him, but stays with him for years and years because she’s too scared to leave.  She is constantly dealing with the guilt, despair and pain in her soul.  Ideally, someday she will eventually find the strength to leave him, but amidst her fears and feeling paralyzed, she fantasizes about a hero that will come and rescue her.  Roberta’s beautifully sung vocals soar in the 2nd bridge that takes the song to new level, and captures the urgency of the emergency to be rescued.

Song: Hero
Words and Music by
© 2013 Roberta Brinkman & John Whitworth
Originally Written in September-2009
Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth 

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