Say You Love Me

The One
Words and Music by Roberta Brinkman and John Whitworth


 Words and Music by

© 2013 Roberta Brinkman and John Whitworth

Originally Written in November-2011

Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth



(V1)     I'm on a midnight plane

that's takin’ me home.

I caught the red eye from Rome, yeah!

My heart is achin'

after hearin’ the news

that you'll be married in June!


(V2)     I had to try my wings,

make it on my own.

From lessons learned I have grown, yeah! 

The sun is on my face,

the music’s in me,

but I'm still wearin’ your ring.


(CH)    Take me in your arms and hold me close, right now,

and say you love me!

I will make up for lost time, somehow,

and make you smile! 


(V3)     Two years have flown so fast.  

Finally on my game.

Found that fortune and fame, yeah!

Cannot erase the past,

you haunt me every day.

You must believe when I say!


(V4)     Just look into my eyes,

I know that you'll see

your heart has always loved me, yeah! 

How can she take my place,

or be what you need?

Oh, babe, I'm beggin’ you, please!


(BR)    Stuck in the middle,

solvin’ the riddle

of how to get you back with my charms.

Oh, darlin’, let me back into your arms,

your lovin’ arms!


(CH*)  (Repeat Modified Double Chorus)



*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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