The One
Words and Music by Roberta Brinkman


 Words and Music by

© 2007 Roberta Brinkman

Originally Written in November-2004

Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth



(V1)     Remember how we used to dance in the moonlight? 

Remember how I used to sing in your ear?  

Remember that night we drove to that site? 

Remember all the stars in the sky that night?  


(CH)    Remember, remember how we used to be?  

Remember, remember, oh baby, can't you see? 

Remember, remember how we used to be? 

Remember, remember! 


(V2)     Remember that day we drove to the coast? 

Remember our very first champagne toast?  

Remember that night, it was love at first sight,  

when we made love ‘til our souls took flight! 


(CH)    (Repeat Chorus)


(BR)    Like a window from the past, 

opening up to me, 

reflections in my mind, 

new visions that I see. 

I see you reaching out to me, 

bluest eyes that I've ever seen! 


(CH)    (Repeat Double Chorus)


(TAG) Remember all the sunset skies?

Remember all the times that we laughed and we cried? 

Remember all the times we made sweet, sweet love? 

You took me passed the stars in the heavens above!  


Remember, remember!

Remember, remember!

Remember, remember! 

Remember, remember, whoa! 


*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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