The One
Words and Music by John Whitworth and Roberta Brinkman


 Words and Music by

© 2009 John Whitworth & Roberta Brinkman

Originally Written in September-2006

Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth



(V1)     The stars up in the sky awaken a dream. 

A handsome knight arrived and made my heart sing.

When you met me I was so far gone. 

Rescued me from the fall, now I see 

how love should be, it's you and me, 

my world's wide open. 


(CH)    Take my hand and love me, forever, 

feet in the sand, champagne on ice. 

And we'll fly over the ocean

searchin' for our paradise,  paradise.


(V2)     Negative feelings rising up from the past. 

I want to fly away and never look back.  

When I'm in your arms, I know that I'm home.  

You're my desire, you light the fire inside of me.  

Now, I can see who I want for me,  

my world's wide open. 


(CH)    (Repeat Chorus)


(BR)    I’ve seen the pain I've caused you, my friend. 

I only want to see you smilin' right back at me. 

Please love me, again!  

Baby, I won't wait anymore, anymore. 


(CH)    (Repeat Double Chorus)


 *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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