In the Mood

The One
Words and Music by Roberta Brinkman


 Words and Music by

© 2014 Roberta Brinkman

Originally Written in February-2000

Musical Arrangement by John Whitworth



(V1)     Get undressed, oh, honey slide on over.

When I think of you I get hot all over.

Kick your boots off and leave your hat by the door

‘cause where you’re goin’, cowboy,

you won’t need‘em no more.


(V2)     Sink or swim, oh, honey jump on in  

‘cause when we’re makin’ love you put my head in a spin.

Kiss my neck and baby don’t stop there,

go on down, down, down,

it’s time for foolin’ around, yeah!  


(CH)    I’m in the mood for that old fashion lovin’,

I’m in the mood for some one on one.

I’m in the mood to make love to you all night long!

I’m in the mood for makin’ love!


(V3)     Let’s play ball, let’s have a little fun. 

Step up to the plate and hit a home run. 

Toss your bat and leave your ball on the floor 

‘cause where you’re goin’, rookie, 

you won’t need‘em to score.


(V4)     Kiss my lips, your lips are so sweet. 

Sparks are flyin’ from my head to my feet. 

Take my hand and take me upstairs. 

Lay me down, down, down, 

‘til my long hair touches the ground, yeah! 


(CH)    (Repeat Chorus)


(BR)    Take me to bed or lose me, forever.

C’mon, baby, now let’s get together.

C’mon, baby, you’re drivin’ me crazy,

hold me all night long!


(CH)    (Repeat Double Chorus with slight variation)


(TAG) I’m in the mood  for love.

I’m in the mood for love

and I mean right now! 


*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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