Longer Song Samples

It is standard practice that music samples start some place near the beginning of the song and play for about one minute. This is typical for sites like iTunes. I was listening to some song samples the other day and discovered I did not like this practice. Song intros exist and should set the listener up for what is to follow. Otherwise, it is very abrupt and disorienting. Consequently, I recently edited our song samples to start at the very beginning of then song and then play a good 3 minutes! I would say this is an improvement over the standard practice.

Have you heard our songs from the beginning? You can listen for free on the following sites:

1. Facebook - the "Offical Store" page
(Note: This link only works from your computer – not your

2. The One Website - Media Player

3. Nimbit.com
Nimbit (Computer):
Nimbit (Mobile):

I was able to edit the song sample start times and lengths on the above three links. Sorry, I am not able to edit our songs on iTunes. If you have an iTunes account, you could still listen to our songs from any of the sites listed above (to hear more of each song), and then jump over our site on iTunes:

Happy listening! Cheers!

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